Madera County lies in the geographical center of the State of California. Madera County
is 217,000 square miles of primarily rural lifestyle. The County has a population of approximately 118,000 people. The largest city in the County is Madera which is also
the County Seat.

The Superior Court of California, Madera County, is a unified court, with ten departments. The Court also has a Commissioner which oversees traffic and county family matters. The ten departments are located in two different courthouses.

The main courthouse (Madera) is located at 209 West Yosemite, Madera and consists of four criminal departments, two civil departments, one family law department, one juvenile department, and one traffic and county family support department. The Court’s telephone number is (559) 675-7736 and its facsimile number is (559) 675-7618.

Sierra Court

The Sierra Court is a single department “full service” located at 40601 Road 274, Bass Lake. The Court handles civil, criminal and family law matters. The Court’s telephone number is (559) 642-3235 and its facsimile number is (559) 642-3445.