The Geringer Law Office is a personal, full-service, litigation firm. The firm handles criminal, personal injury, civil rights, and business litigation in both state and federal courts. In the area of criminal law the office has represented over 1,000 persons accused of crimes, including death penalty cases. During the past ten years, Mr. Geringer has tried more criminal law cases than any other private attorney appearing in the Madera Superior Court. The court has routinely appointed Mr. Geringer to represent indigent defendants in need of legal representation.

This office also represents clients in federal actions for violation of their civil rights. Additionally, the office continues to represent clients who have been injured in automobile or other accidents, as well as, individuals and business which have suffered losses and damages for fraudulent actions. This office also represents employees who are wrongfully terminated from their employment.

As a full-service law office in a smaller-sized community the office handles day-to-day matters which touch community members’ daily lives including family law matters of divorce, custody, visitation, and matters of real estate ranging from landlord-tenant disputes to the sale and transfer of real property.

In addition to litigation the office regularly consults with businesses from sole proprietorships to corporations in the effective operations of their businesses. Other than worker’s compensation or bankruptcy matters the Geringer Law Office can assist with all of your legal needs.